I'm José David. I'm a technology passionate especially about computing and electronics. I did my computer engineering studies in Valparaíso, a Chilean city built over more 40 hills with hundreds of viewpoints to the sea.

During my childhood, I spent a lot of time assembling and disassembling battery-powered toys and digital watches. I wanted to know how they worked. At the end of Nineties, when I was about 10 years old, my parent gave me and my sister our first computer. It was a very old PC. Windows 98 Second Edition was the fashionable operating system and our desktop PC ran Windows 3.11 (1993). With that machine, my interest in computing and electronics started.

During the second half of the Two-thousands, I participated in at least 7 robotics competitions. With my teams, we got good results, for example, we won a Latin American robotics competition in Mexico with our robot named Wennty.

In the last stage of my university, I became interested in the open-source software development. That was influenced by a software engineer who works on the site of the Paranal Observatory, at which I did an internship. Currently, we have 2 projects published and available for download, sharing and modification: SuperScanner and MicroscopxSuperScanner implements imaging techniques to give the functionality of a microscope and 3D scanner to a open-source 3D printer. Microscopx uses the SuperScanner's free software (S3) to improve a low-cost microscope.

On March 2018, I moved to Sweden. I came here to know the Swedish culture from inside and continue my professional development. It's an almost entirely new experience to be here. For example, within the next to years, the Swedish will be my first language and my native tongue, the Chilean Spanish, will be my third one because the English has to be the second one. Most of the Swedish people speak English, but not Spanish.

On this website, I want to share you some experiences during my years as a student, for example, in robotics competitions. Also, I want you have access to the open-source or free projects in which I have been involved.

Enjoy it!

At my alma mater, when I graduated, my friends throw me into the pool. It's a tradition.