Gloria solves twelve challenges of the first version of Campeonato de Energía Renovables y Robótica (CERR), a robotics competition organized by ICONPUNTO S.A. for high-school students in Chile in 2011. The robot

  • was entirely built with fischertechnik® parts of the Eco Tech and Robo TX Training Lab kits, and
  • an additional ultrasonic sensor,

because the competition rules demanded them.

To get information of the environment, Gloria used:

  • 1 infrared sensor with two transmitters and two receivers,
  • 1ultrasonic sensor,
  • 1 thermistor,
  • 1 solar panel,
  • 1 phototransistor,
  • 1 photoresistor and
  • 2 switches

I did the Gloria's development in three places of my country: in my parents' house in Santiago, the place where I took my summer vacation in 2012 and at my university in Valparaíso.

The Educational Robotics Olympics

In the Robotics Olympics, the robots have to:

  • Calculate areas, perimeters and lengths.
  • Measure temperatures, luminous intensity and distances through printed paths on a plastic wrap.

The Big Challenge

During the big challenge, using the same algorithms of the Robotics Olympics or new, the automatons must:

  • go through straight and curved paths, and
  • count blank spaces;
  • choose the most enlightened way,
  • use the solar energy to throw a fischertechnik® cube,
  • show information on its LCD.