Hi, I'm José David, a passionate about 3D printed life hacks.

3D modelling and 3D printing brought into my life an easier way to fabricate accessories for my gadgets and household goods.

Gadgets and Household Goods

Speaker Holder with a Key Hook for a Shoe Rack

IKEA sells stackable shoe racks. At home, I have already stacked 5 of those into 2 groups: one with 3 shoe racks and another for all the rest. One of the top levels, which is about 1.1-meter high, seemed to be a perfect location for my WONDERBOOM speaker and a key holder.

Home Cockpit

I wanted to have a command center for my smart home project inspired in old aircraft instruments.

The printable parts hold Flic wireless smart buttons to turn on or off LIFX and WiZ smart lights and a Lenovo Tab 3 (7-inch display) permanently connected to the electricity supply.


Masthead Light Part Replacement

One of the screw holes of a masthead light was broken. Then, I decided to replace its base holder with a 3D printed one.

Boat's Bilge Pump Holder

The head of 4 bolts push against 2 walls to hold down a bilge pump (SPX Ultima Bilge).

What is a boat's bilge pump?

A bilge pump prevents a boat from sinking, pumping out water from the lowest compartment of a vessel.

With the bilge pump floating, the automatic switch is not able to detect the presence of water.

If the boat's bilge has been completely flat and super clean, I might tried to use a holding block as a base and a waterproof adhesive to submerge the bilge pump, but this wasn't the case...

This is the boat

Chernyy Nos is an Albin Vega sailboat that we got in October 2019. With my sambo, Nina, we started to refit the boat in April 2020.


Wire Bending Machine for Fishing Lures

Almost a Full Redesign

This machine is based on the jiripraus's design. The new model saves filament, has improved the clearance holes for the bolts, makes some straightener's roller adjustable vertical.

A Clothespin as a Base

Taking out a spring from a clothespin was cheaper than buying a coil spring for a wire/filament feeder.

Bending Plate Strength

The bending plate is fully 3D printed. Bending tests have shown that this part is strong enough to stop the rotation of the bending head's pin.

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