Getting Inspired

I was introduced to 3D printed by a software engineer of the Paranal Observatory, Eduardo, while working under his supervision as a Summer Student. We were developing a Python visualization tool for retrieving logs of the Very Large Telescope. We both like "Do it yourself" stuff, but he was actually more into it: He devised an entire fab lab with all sort of 3D open-source machines. That really inspired me.

Since 2018, I have been using my XYZ da Vinci mini w+ 3D printer. My first project was a custom command center for controlling smart devices at home. Currently, I am developing a wire bending machine for fishing lures.

My 3D printing goal is about increasing knowledge and confidence for developing full-cloud devices with 3D printed parts.

Since May 2018, I have been working as a software engineer consultant in Stockholm, Sweden, maintaining a royalty calculator written in Python that has paid out billions of dollars to music artists. Prior to that, I was developing hybrid mobile applications for IBM's costumers in Chile.